I’m so Blessed


I never really know what to say when someone tells me to have a blessed day.  Usually I just fumble out a courteous and obligatory, “thank you.”  On the inside, however, I really don’t like the term.  I know that sometimes people don’t mean anything by it, and it is just part of the colloquialism of the day, but it makes me uncomfortable. It also makes me uncomfortable when people say “I’m blessed” or when I see bumper stickers with the same sentiment or when I used to see it blasted all over Facebook.

One the contributors on my Facebook community page, Jayson Davids, made this statement, “We live in a world of duality. Where someone is happy, someone is sad. Where someone has abundance (Bermuda, N Am, Europe) someone has poverty (3rd world countries we exploit).”  This pretty much sums up how I feel about it.  Resources are being taken from others to create this comfortable, easy, every-thing-at-your-fingers world.  We see these “blessed” mega-churches, encouraging people to give their mortgage money, and promising more blessings.  Then the money is siphoned off to some larger organization or used to buy limos and private jets.  Why not pass your excess “blessings” on to someone who needs it? 

As stated above, this idea of being blessed usually is propagated by the people affiliated with religion.  They seem to believe that God has favoured them, because of whatever reason and has given them everything they need.  I often times feel that this is disingenuous.  My reason for these thoughts is that it feels like they spout this statement, while hiding the fact of the adversities and trials prevalent in their lives, and that happen in everyone’s lives.  Sometimes I feel like they only say these things in an attempt to placate their deity into giving them more things.  It is very egocentric and leads me to my next point.  How can someone feel so good about their God blessing them, while others across the globe say the same prayers, follow the same dogmas and beg the same God for “blessings”, yet are still suffering?

Just this week I read an article entitled, We’ve already used up the planet’s resources for the year In the article Lindsay Abrams states, “About 85 percent of the world’s population lives in countries that are overusing what they’re able to replenish, and 72 percent live in countries that are both in deficit and low-income.” So is this the plan of an all-loving, all-knowing God?  I would think that such an all-powerful being would find a more efficient way to dole out resources so that he can bless all his children.  Unfortunately, this imaginative way of thinking is more likely a way to exert superiority over another set of human beings. One must not forget that it just that one happened to be born on this side of the world, or to the right parents. Or maybe it is a way to forget that there are people out there that do not have, and allows one to go about their life living in a thin skinned bubble.  Will they still say they are “blessed” when their bubble bursts?  Of course we know the delusional answer to that will be yes.

I myself was born on the “blessed” side of the world.  I also live in a bubble, forgetting the other people in the world that are suffering.  This is my own personal item on my list of improvements; not to forget this reality, and to try and help the down trotted and overlooked.  I need to remember when I hear the words, I am blessed, that I need to work harder to help others with the resources that I have worked hard to accumulate.  Will you do the same?


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